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The Philippine Branch office in now in the Luzon -- read all about it and the new changes in the March/April 2015 Newsletter

LION International Magazine MARCH 2014 pg 20 About Dr. Weyrich & Lions volunteering with EyeCare WeCare

Newspaper article "From Across the Seas to help others See" The Daily World April 14, 2013,


With ferry boats (left) and the volunteers getting off a big ferry boat -- the mobile vision clinic can reach most people on the  980 inhabited islands


Large throngs meet us at every venue, they are patient for their eye examination for their graded eyeglasses, treatment of their eye diseases  or  qualify for the free eye surgeries                

               "Smiles on their faces and hopes in their hearts" are always the final result of EyeCare WeCare Foundation's vision missions


Cataract Surgery restores her vision and now she will be able to see again -- young man with cataract before surgery -- we welcome the opportunity to have cataract surgery using local Filipino Doctors to be able to give back to the poor in their communities.

Analyn from Lermery, Batangas , from a very indigent family of 10 (Mother above) other children, came to our free clinic on June 1, 2011 (see latest mission news) At age two her left eye was injured which resulted in a bad corneal scar (left). She was so self conscious about her eye she dropped out of school 3 years ago. Dr Weyrich, along with mission sponsors, Bayani Diokno, Cris Cueto arranged the surgery and for her artificial eye.  Fe Smith, a volunteer angel from Lemery and sister of sponsor Cris Cueto, took her many times to Manila (8 hr round trips)  until Analyn had her left eye removed and received her artificial eye that was made and donated by Dr. Antonio "Tony" Joson of Manila. 

June 11, 2012 Dr Weyrich meet with Analyn for the first time since she had the surgery and artificial left eye. Fe Smith, who drove her to Manila many times for the surgery and her new eye ( lady with the glasses) also pictured are Ed (Philippine Missions Director for EyeCare WeCare Foundation, Philippines) and his wife Susan Damilao, in the red - (Director EyeCare WeCare Philippines)  sponsors of the Pampanga (May 2010) and latest mission in Laguna (May 2012) Ananlyn is now back in school and is a Second year high school student. Her life has truly changed since she came to our free clinic in Batangas two years ago. We never improved her eyesight, but we helped change her life. She now has a much greater self esteem  and has given great joy for her new beginning in life. Praise God for all that made this possible.


The last 8 medical vision missions have been to the Luzon (the most populous) Either we take a 25 hour ferryboat to get there or we go from island to island by small ferryboats to get to our destinations. When we island hop it is a very long grueling trip, but when our sailing gets canceled, it gives us no choice. To do this it takes 3 ferryboat rides each way to to get to the Luzon. Here are the volunteers in their bunk beds for the long boat ride and the other picture is of them loading the bus along with the cargo containers. The branch office for the Philippines is now In Makati, in metro Manila. The foundation will no longer have the expense nor the wear and tear of the mobile clinic with its new location that it has had in the past when the branch office was at Negros Island.

Eyecare Wecare Foundation, Inc.; based in the United States;  registered 501 (c) (3)  not for profit;  Christian centered; international  organization; that does medical vision missions and provides  eye examinations ; eye and general medications; eyeglasses and provides for  eye surgeries all at no cost to the prescreened indigents.  The foundation has a branch office in the Philippines that is registered with the Philippine government under SEC (Security Exchange Commission)  It is currently conducting  all of the vision clinics there.  The foundations target population is the rural poor who do not have access to, nor financial resources for, vision services. The foundation has no paid administrators or staff, everyone  volunteers. The foundation last mission was its 17th Medical Vision Mission January 2014 in san Nicolas, in the most Northern Province in the Philippines, Ilocos Norte and 2,008 disadvantaged rural poor Filipino's were given eye examinations. There were 66 people that received cataract surgery. Bausch and Lomb once again donated Inter Ocular lenses, medications and surgical supplies for the cataract surgeries. The Municipality of san Nicolas provided the rest of the eye surgery supplies. . The total eyeglasses prescribed and provided to the indigents, added to previous medical eye missions by the foundation brings a total of 25,262  people receiving free eyeglasses since 2005. The foundation's is living up to it's motto which is "Delivering Gods Ultimate Vision Plan to the Poor."


people waiting for their prescription eyeglasses   blood pressures are taken for all patients


Derek Buchanan, a dispensing optician from Portland, Oregon who has relocated in the Philippines, has blessed the foundation with his skills participating in  4 missions. He really made a difference developing a system for the dispensing of eyeglasses. Here is our new auto refractor that was donated by Transitions Healthy Sight for Life Fund several  years ago. It is really much quicker and more accurate that our old one.


When President / Founder Dr. James H. Weyrich began the foundation with his focus on helping the poor people in the Philippines.  He envisioned to starting a clinic and having the people come to the clinic. Then realized that the Philippines is one of the most challenging countries of the world to provide quality health care. The reason being it is separated by so many islands (7,107 Islands) of which around 1000 are inhabited. Only the larger islands have access to health care and vision care. The poor people that live outside of the few larger islands can only get treatment by taking public transportation to the ferry boat terminal, take a ferry boat to the port of an island that has an eye doctor. From there, they have to take public transportation from the ferry to the doctors office, pay for the exam and then pay for the glasses, wait until the glasses are fabricated and then proceed home. Most cannot afford even the first public transportation ride let alone paying for vision services. That is the beauty of having a self contained "Eye Clinic on Wheels"  We can ferry the 40 foot converted bus to most of the islands and provide these services to the indigents on the remote islands. The downside to the mobile clinic is the expense.  I is well worth the trouble and expense to see the smiles, feel the tears and hear the shouts of joy when they see for the first time in their life or see again after year of not seeing.

                                                             GIVING THANKS

Before each clinic day begins the volunteers form a circle and pray for God's blessing the mission for the upcoming day.


The WHO (World Health Organization) lists uncorrected refractive error and the second leading cause of blindness in the world with only cataracts topping the list. This where EyeCare WeCare foundation is helping in a large way. The mobile clinic carries with it on every vision mission over 50,000 pairs of graded recycled eyeglasses. Most of the indigents can have a pair of eyeglasses that is very close to what they need, in a matter of minutes following the examination.  The Foundation wants to reach out to the poor people of the world and to restore their vision. The foundation appeals to individuals, civic organizations, religious organizations, fraternal organizations, corporate organizations, and other philanthropic foundations to help it with its projects.   


Dr. Yin-Yin Aung and Dr. Jim performs slit lamp evaluation 


The digital  Auto Air Puff Tonometer, is an important test to measure the Inter ocular pressure of the eye to rule out glaucoma we have a stationary and a hand held auto tonometer.




The foundation has fallen victim to the poor economy. Most all other non profit foundation are experiencing similar problem.  Most of the foundation's funding has been either eliminated or greatly reduced. EyeCare WeCare Foundation is very frugal with the funding that it receives. Last year 2014 the foundation conducted only one medical vision mission because it wasn't able to fund a Summer mission. The foundation received only 25% that it did just three years ago. The foundation has pinched every penny.  It is able to continue to do the missions because it is a 100% voluntary foundation. It is extremely frugal with the funds received. If you want a volunteer and feel moved by what you have witnessed on this website, please email the volunteer CEO of EyeCare WeCare Foundation, Dr. Jim Weyrich at jim.weyrich@eyecarewecare.org



Send mail to info@eyecarewecare.org with questions or comments about this web site.
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